Consultations with Benjamin Mudge

Please note: I am not able to take any new clients until 6th May 2024 because I have too many existing clients to manage until after the completion of my PhD. I am only taking follow-up bookings with existing clients between now and the end of April 2024. New clients are able to make bookings from 6th May 2024 onwards: you need to scroll through the calendar to find an available date. Thank you for your patience.

Consultation with Benjamin Mudge, Director of Bipolar Disorder CIC, PhD candidate in Psychiatry, and personal survivor of bipolar disorder.

The consultation involves a 2 hour Zoom video conference call, which can be one-on-one or included other people that you invite. The consultation will be recorded as a video file (with discussions and diagrams included), and will be made available to be reviewed via Dropbox. This is important because a lot of technical information will be shared and it is useful to be able to watch again to fully comprehend it. Email follow-up is included.

The cost of a 2 hour consultation with Benjamin Mudge is £180.

Typical topics covered:

  • An unofficial diagnosis of bipolar disorder can be provided by Benjamin Mudge, based on reference to the DSM-5 psychiatric textbook, personal experience and theoretical understanding. This is different from a formal/official diagnosis because it does not have legal consequences such as endangering the diagnosed person to the risk of incarceration by the psychiatric profession, prejudice in the workplace, disqualification from insurance policies etc. The potential benefit of having an informal diagnosis is that people experiencing manic depression can become empowered to manage their own condition by firstly accepting the reality of a neurodiversity (an unusual neurobiology) and then learning how to take self-responsibility and manage their condition themselves.
  • A review of prescribed psychiatric medication, and advice about which prescriptions are appropriate, which prescriptions are dangerous, and which prescriptions may appear safe but have subtly-problematic side effects. This can be valuable because it remains very common for bipolar people to be prescribed psychiatric drugs (including several “SSRIs”) which have been scientifically-demonstrated to induce manic episodes in bipolar people: neither the psychiatric profession, nor General Practitioner Doctors have adjusted their practice in consideration of these dangers.
  • An explanation of the latest scientific understanding of bipolar mood swings, which is informed by a theoretical idea of Benjamin Mudge and demonstrated by 15 years of academic research by Professor Anne Mudge, who published her work on the cover of Nature and other academic journals. This theoretical framework has not yet been taken on board by the psychiatric profession, so this consultation is currently the only place where this information can be found.
  • Advice about lifestyle choices, including recreational drug use, which can minimize harm and maximize stability of bipolar mood swings.
  • Advice about nutrition, supplements, functional medicine, and other modalities of alternative medicine, as they relate to treating bipolar disorder.
  • An overview of the research into various psychedelics as candidates for treating bipolar disorder. Please note that Benjamin Mudge will not be advising anyone to do anything illegal.

Note that Benjamin Mudge does not have a formal medical qualification, cannot and will not be providing professional medical advice. All advice and suggestions provided by Benjamin Mudge are based on his own academic research and personal experience only, and is presented as additional information which can be considered by medical professionals in their capacity as decision-makers and prescribers.

You can choose a available time slot and then you will be sent the Zoom meeting details via email.

“I highly recommend Benjamin Mudge and his services for an insightful, balanced, compassionate yet informed conversation around living with bi-polar disorder. I am immensely grateful to him for his support, and hope other may benefit from it also. His devotion to his work and sincere desire to help and heal others is deeply moving, and in my opinion gives psychiatry the revitalising breath it needs.”

“I can recommend anybody who thinks they may have bi polar or has bi polar to reach out to Benjamin at Bipolar disorder CIC. I have been struggling for more than two decades with this disease and following a talk I had with Benjamin last year I have been able to understand myself so much more and work from there. I now have more compassion and knowledge of myself that in turn makes my episodes more manageable than before. I can’t wait to see the results of the hard work paying off in regards to the treatments you guys have been studying for so long. Sending my love and gratitude. Keep up the amazing work.”

“I talked to Benjamin when I was at a point of really trying to discern whether I was dealing with bipolar or just really bad, recurring depression. After talking to multiple mental health professionals and psychologists, it was really helpful to get Benjamin’s balanced perspective and to learn from his lived experience. He helped me see what was going on for me more clearly from an empathetic place and pointed me to supportive resources. He was also available for follow up contact if I needed. It’s unfortunate that bipolar is so hard to diagnose and often missed. I’m glad I have the clarity I do now to support myself in a better way.”

“I booked an initial consultation in June of 2021 after learning about the work Benjamin was doing. The consultation was extremely valuable – well worth the money. Benjamin has an expansive knowledge of bipolar disorder, both from personal experience, as well as research. He taught me a lot about the disorder in general as well as the various medications typically prescribed, and other alternatives. He is a really down to earth and smart individual who truly cares about people and that is why he does this work. Our consultation went about 45 minutes over the allotted time because we were so engaged and Benjamin wanted to answer all my questions. If you are struggling or looking for a different path, I highly recommend you book a consultation with him.”

“Benjamin is knowledgeable and passionate about finding creative healing modalities for BD. My consultation with him was very informative and helped me better understand the neuroscience as well as adopting healthy strategies to help manage BD. I am hopeful that future generations will have access to new perspectives and tools and not needlessly suffer under careless psychiatric practitioners as I have.”

“I had a Zoom consultation with Benjamin regarding my son. I can honestly say from the start I felt at ease and during our meeting it became clear he was so understanding of the trauma just trying to get help for this illness. If you or a family member are struggling and need professional help then I urge you to speak to Benjamin at Bipolar Disorder CIC.”

“Benjamin is very knowledgeable and passionate about bipolar disorder and has a deep personal and vested interest in effective treatment options. He literally turned over every stone to help himself bounce back from despair and used that same raw determination to help others who are suffering as well. I found him very honest and insightful in our consultation and I learned quite a bit. He’s also very open minded about learning new things and incorporating it into his treatment regimes”


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